Euro Ply is a premium product from the House of J.S. Mutha. A BWR based plywood which uses a 1:2 vital veneer to veneer ratio is made of imported select Dipterocarpus species. The veneers used in the core & panel have no overlaps, splits or gaps & uses a 1mm thick face veneer. Bonded with an un-extended phenol formaldehyde resin clubbed with the revolutionary GLP Technology, where in the preservative is incorporated in the glueline rendering protection from termites & borers from the inside of the product.

          The company is spearheaded by a group that is well educated with expertise in plywood distribution and marketing. In a short span of time, the company has established a wide network throughout India. The stringent adherence to best raw materials is done by specialists with a commitment to maintain consistent and excellent quality supply and trustworthy after- sales service. This, undoubtedly, is the reason why the J.S.Mutha Group has grown exponentially over the years.

           Our aim is to provide you with the best. It is this unstinting pursuit of excellence that has brought us to the ply industry.